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Jean Mason

Children's Ministry Leader

.Josh Townsend

Worship Leader
Robert Blevins

Robert Blevins

About Me

More than two decades ago I came to this area with the desire that has motivated my ministry for nearly forty years.  That is, to create a point of contact between a loving God and a world that desperately needs that love.   The people of Glad Tidings have provided me with a wonderful tool for fulfilling that desire.  Their love for God and for their community makes Glad Tidings Assembly of God a fitting conduit to bring God to our community and our community to God.

As is true of any church, if you find yourself in need, it would be our privilege to provide a point of contact between you and the loving God who is waiting to meet that need.  His love really will overshadow any rejection you have endured. His grace really is greater than all of your sins, and His power really can turn eminent destruction into certain victory!

Thank you Pocomoke city for providing such great community in which to live and raise my family.  Thank you Glad Tidings for providing such a loving church in which to minister and raise my family.  And most of all, thank you God for your love and grace that has enabled all of these blessings!